Over a million viewers for "A Day for a Miracle" in Austria

Yesterday, an average of 1.002 million viewers (33% market share) watched the ZDF/ORF coproduction "A Day for a Mircale" at 20:15h on ORF2. The drama directed by Andreas Prochaska with Ken Duken, Julia Koschitz, Juergen Maurer and Gerti Drassl had up to 1.08 million viewers. 

(As a point of reference, the entire population Austria is 8.4 million). 
ORF managing director Dr. Alexander Wrabetz: "The broadcasting of the 'A Day for a Miracle' impressively shows the continuing success of Austrian productions.
Carefully crafted stories like this  represent the high quality 'made in Austria' – the ORF viewers will have a lot more chances in 2012 to see."
ORF TV director Mag. Kathrin Zechner: "The great ratings of 'A Day for a Miracle' aren't a miracle.
If such a dramatic, touching and true story is made based upon a sensitive and thrilling script, performed by terrific actors and directed by such an exceptionally gifted director, it's exactly the subject which leads to a success with the audiences and the critics.
Once more this shows which fictional performances are possible in collaboration with the Austrian film industry under the brand ORF now and in the future.
My thanks to the whole 'Miracle team'." (Source: ORF press office).
The film will be broadcasted on ZDF on March 5th, 2012.