"Because I Love You" Began Filming

Start of principal photography of SAT.1 Movie "Because I Love you" has started in Lisbon, a love story produced for SAT.1 starring Felicitas Woll and Renato Schuch. Supporting actors are Therese Hämer, Vedat Erincin, Johannes Zirner as well as the Portuguese star actress Isabel Ruth. 

The script was written by the multiple award winning screenwriter Christian Jeltsch and directed by Christina Schiewe.
While on vacation eleven years ago with her boyfriend Bernie (Johannes Zirner), Eva (Felicitas Woll) met the portuguese photographer Luis (Renato Schuch).
Eva and Luis instantly knew that they were destined for each other.
Back in Germany Eva separated from Bernie, packed her stuff and flew back to Portugal in search of Luis.
Luis, too, couldn’t get Eva out of his mind and when she appeared in front of him out of the blue, they were immediately aware that this was the beginning of the rest of their lives together.
They got married, became parents of a son and started building their future together until they were caught by everyday life and their once so happy relationship failed.
Now, on the way to their court date the memory of their love that was once larger than life overwhelms them.
As the hours count down, the memories come up and the moment of truth arrives...
"Because I love you" is a coproduction with SAT.1 and Red Arrow International.
Executive producers are Kim Fatheuer and Sam Davis.
Sat.1 commissioning editor in charge is Yvonne Weber.
The shooting will go on in Lisbon and surroundings until September 15th, 2015.

Press contact:
Karoline van Baars and Susanne Bollmann 
Phone: 0221 – 56 90 69 60