The Girl Who Loved to Laugh

© Petro Domenigg

Murder by the Lake 5
The Girl Who Loved to Laugh

A well preserved corpse of a young girl – weighed down with iron chains is found by the water police. During the autopsy, coroner Thomas Egger (Stefan Pohl) is mysteriously attacked and the iron chains are stolen – the murderer has to be a local who has something to lose.
The corpse is identified as Marie Häusler (Tamara Röske), a girl with Trisomy 21 who disappeared 15 years ago shortly before her 18th birthday without leaving a trace. Marie grew up in an intact parental home, was loved by her father Manfred Häusler (Cornelius Obonya) and had a close relationship with her step mother Jasmin (Katharina Stemberger).
In their fifth criminal case Zeiler and Oberländer cause a great stir in a seemingly peaceful community and force all people involved and also themselves to face up to the horrible discrimination against Trisomy 21 children at the time.

Commissioning Editors
Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Sabine Weber (ORF)

Hannu Salonen

Timo Berndt

Matthias Koeberlin
Nora von Waldstätten
Inez Bjørg David
Hary Prinz
Stefan Pohl
Tamara Röske
Katharina Stemberger
Cornelius Obonya

Broadcast Premiere ZDF

Broadcast Premiere ORF