The End of Lies

© Maria Krumwiede

The End of Lies

Until their mother's funeral today, Susanne (Katharina Böhm) hasn't seen her free-spirited sister Mia (Aglaia Szyszkowitz) in ages.
The two sisters left Germany 15 years ago and together went to Australia to study.
Not long afterwards, Susanne's daughter Jenny (Tara Fischer) was born, and together they returned to their small hometown in East Germany, leaving Mia.
Susanne married Jenny's father Georg (Jochen Horst) and joined the family business, a watch manufacturer, while Mia stayed in Australia and began a high-powered career in marketing.
Mia's arrival at the cemetery and reception puts Susanne at unease.
Not only does Mia easily charm father Herbert (Hermann Beyer) into making plans for heavily investing in a new product line, she also interferes in Susanne's family life, ganging up with pubescent Jenny against Susanne, undermining Susanne's authority and flirting with Georg.
Susanne's looming fears soon become certainty when it turns out Mia intends to stay, breaking a pact they made years ago.
A fight ensues when both sisters stake their claim... for a life only one of them can live.

Commissioning Editors
Jana Brandt (MDR)
Katharina Schenk (ORF)

Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Sophia Krapoth
Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Katharina Böhm
Aglaia Szyszkowitz
Jochen Horst
Hermann Beyer
Kai Schumann
Tara Fischer

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