Summer in Portugal

© János Vecsernyés

Summer in Portugal

Liane (Gesine Cukrowski) travels to Lisbon to meet her husband Ben for a romantic weekend celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.
For most of the years of their marriage, Liane had stayed at home raising the couple's two children, just recently sent off to university.
Ben (Bernhard Schir) was busy designing and building luxury hotels around the world most of the time – supporting the family with a comfortable lifestyle, but little emotional contact.
This weekend is supposed to celebrate the start the beginning of their new life ... together.
Arriving at the airport, Liane gets her first surprise. Ben isn't there to greet her, but sent João (Paulo Pires), a widowed Portuguese friend, to pick her up.
With a motorcycle! Due to a project impasse in Morocco, Ben's arrival is delayed and João plays the guide and they discover the true beauty of Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra.
The more hours she spends with João, the more it becomes clear that they could spend a lot of time together under different circumstances.
When Ben finally arrives several days later, he finds a vastly changed woman. Both share their secrets, their sadness and their fate.
And must ask themselves the question whether their marriage is worth fighting for?

Commissioning Editor
Rita Nasser (ZDF)

Writer and Director
Michael Keusch

Gesine Cukrowski
Paulo Pires
Bernhard Schir
Patricia Andre
Renato Godinho

Broadcast Premiere ZDF