Summer in Alsace

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Summer in Alsace

Jeanine Weiss (Tanja Wedhorn) has her love and business life neatly mapped out: She owns an elegant shoe store in Berlin and is about to marry her fiancé Rüdiger (Max Urlacher), who is also her business partner.
When she learns that her deceased hippy mother bequeathed one half of the old family home in Alsace to her, Jeanine is surprised but also senses an opportunity.
Needing cash for a business expansion, she travels to the small village of Louiswiller to sell her inheritance to her uncle Jean (Rüdiger Vogler), who owns the other half of the house and still makes shoes in his atelier there.
Even before arriving in Louiswiller, Jeanine’s determination is challenged when her car breaks down due to an unexpected encounter with a donkey.
To her rescue comes Marc (Jean-Yves Berteloot), enigmatic and attractive, who tows her car with his tractor into the village.
Jeanine, who hasn’t been to Louiswiller since her childhood, finds the village unchanged and quickly reconnects with childhood friend Caroline (Caro Dibbern), bringing back memories of the carefree summer holidays they spent together as girls.
Jean is equally pleased to see his niece again, but must admit that he doesn’t have the funds to buy her out.
Instead, he proposes selling the house, professing he has had enough of making shoes. His only condition: He wants to fulfill all his obligations and pending orders before closing his shop.
Jeanine agrees and asks state agent Henri Vigo (Ulrich Anschütz) to find a buyer as quickly as possible. But when she realizes that Jean’s order book goes back many months (since he prefers to busy himself with his vineyard), Jeanine has no choice but to put on the old leather apron herself and help Jean.
Jeanine, forced to stay, drawn more and more into the relaxed atmosphere of this lush summer, gladly forgetting about business plans and banks and Berlin… and Rüdiger.
Or why is it that she fails to mention to Marc that she is engaged? Marc, who owns the local frômagerie, turns out to be much more than meets the eye and she finds herself fascinated and, before long, in love.
However, her heart is not the only one in turmoil, and Jean’s affair with housekeeper Mathilde (Renate Krößner) is not the only well-kept secret of his.
It is Marc who is the true reason why Jeanine cannot bring herself to leave.
But it’s only at the village’s annual tractor race that Jeanine realizes that he is also the best reason to stay… and that she has put her bets on the right guy.

Commissioning Editors
Rita Nasser (ZDF)
Anika Kern (ZDF)

Michael Keusch

Michael Keusch

Tanja Wedhorn
Jean-Yves Berteloot
Rüdiger Vogler
Renate Krößner
Gerhard Garbers
Caro Dibbern
Ulrich Anschütz
Max Urlacher

Broadcast Premiere ZDF