Season 4

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Professor T. Season 4

(4 episodes)

After T. has been brought back to Cologne from his self-chosen exile at a North Sea beach by commissioner Daniel Winter (Helgi Schmid), he seems to be another person. A gossip columnist exposes T. as the murderer of his father which brings him an unwanted notoriety. His mother (Hedi Kriegeskotte) completely loses her composure and threatens to sue. Ironically, T. finally feels that the truth sets him free and can hardly wait to enjoy this new freedom with Christina (Julia Bremermann). However, there are massive obstacles in the way of their common happiness.
Daniel Winter is concentrated on solving the murder of Anneliese Deckert and, with the help of coroner Nina Lehmann (Vanessa Rottenburg) and T.'s ingenious ideas, is getting closer to the cold truth. He is helped by Greta Lindbergh (Cornelia Ivancan), the new colleague in the team and Anneliese's successor.
Professor T. and the commissioners investigate four thrilling criminal cases between trust and betrayal, love and hatred, which brings all those involved to their personal and emotional limits.


Episode 1 - The Witness
Broadcast ZDF: 15.02.2020

Episode 2 - Mothers
Broadcast ZDF: 22.05.2020

Episode 3 - Mathilde Möhring
Broadcast ZDF: 29.05.2020

Episode 4 - Christina
Broadcast ZDF: 05.06.2020

Commissioning Editor
Matthias Pfeifer (ZDF)

Thomas Jahn

Thomas Jahn

Matthias Matschke
Helgi Schmid
Julia Bremermann
Cornelia Ivancan
Simon Böer
Vanessa Rottenburg
Alexandra von Schwerin
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Thomas Goritzki
Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
Haley Louise Jones
Diego Wallraff
Gustav Peter Wöhler
Pegah Ferydoni
Torben Liebrecht
Oliver Mommsen

based on motifs from the Flemish series of the same name