Season 2

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Professor T. Season 2

(4 episodes)

Jasper Thalheim (Matthias Matschke), the insanely clever, quick witted university professor of criminal psychology, advises the police on tricky cases and surprises everyone with his unusual methods of investigation.
Right at the start of the second season, he is asked for help by his ex-lover, Chief of Detectives Christina Fehrmann (Julia Bremermann) in a particularly personal case: the double murder of a couple appears identical to a crime committed 15 years ago.
Might it be that Christina put an innocent person behind bars? To find the real murderer, Professor T. engages in a series of nerve-wracking psychological duels with suspects.


Episode 1 - Mask Murder
Broadcast ZDF: 04.05.2018

Episode 2 - The Lost Child
Broadcast ZDF: 11.05.2018

Episode 3 - Bloodline
Broadcast ZDF: 18.05.2018

Episode 4 - Revenge
Broadcast ZDF: 25.05.2018

Matthias Pfeifer (ZDF)

Thomas Jahn

Christoph Mathieu
Sebastian Heeg
Thomas Jahn

Matthias Matschke
Lucie Heinze
Andreas Helgi Schmid
Julia Bremermann
Paul Faßnacht
Alexandra von Schwerin
Hedi Kriegeskotte
Marie Rönnebeck
Thomas Goritzki
Peter Harting

based on motifs from the Flemish series of the same name