Jeanny - The Fifth Girl

© Josef Anton Mittendorfer

Jeanny - The Fifth Girl

For 13 years, young women disappear from time to time in Mödling. In this surrounding of fear and mistrust 19-year-old schoolgirl Jeanny (Theresa Riess) who hasn’t yet found her place within her family and the society, gets to know the inscrutable tax accountant Johannes (Manuel Rubey). While she’s more and more drawn into the vortex of her feelings, the climate in Mödling gets worse.
In order to protect their daughters the inhabitants organize themselves in a vigilante force. Jeanny gets more and more insecure. Can she really trust Johannes?

Commissioning Editors
Sabine Weber (ORF)
Franka Bauer (MDR)

Andreas Kopriva

Thorsten Wettcke
Andreas Karlström

Theresa Riess
Manuel Rubey
Patricia Auletzky
Martin Brambach
Martin Feifel
Steffen Schroeder

Broadcast Premiere ARD

Broadcast Premiere ORF