Films 21-23 in Postproduction

© Manuel Riesterer

Murder by the Lake 21-23
"The Medusa"(WT), "The Ghost Ship"(WT), "The Wishing Tree"(WT)

Murder by the Lake – 21 „The Medusa“ (WT) with a.o. Victoria Hauer, Helene Stupnicki, Andreas Kiendl, Luka Dimic

The body of a young woman, Vera Grimm, (Victoria Hauer) washes up on the shores of Lake Constance bringing Micha Oberländer and Luisa Hoffmann to the scene. Forensic pathologist Egger (Stefan Pohl) coincidentally saw the young woman on the morning of her death with a little boy, who is now missing. When the detectives visit the murdered woman's sister, it quickly becomes clear that the father of the family, Andy Löffler (Andreas Kiendl), has been caught up in his criminal past. The missing boy is his son Augustin, who was kidnapped by one of his father's accomplices in order to trade him for the stolen "Medusa", a fine gold bust worth millions. 

Luisa Hoffmann's dangerous ex Antonio Zübert (Luka Dimic), of all people, can provide clues to the perpetrator, but only on condition that their daughter Liv will visit him in prison. Hoffmann is faced with a dilemma: Should she give in or risk the life of the kidnapped Augustin if she refuses?


Murder by the Lake – 22 „The Ghost Ship“ (WT) with a.o. Stephanie Japp, Harald Schrott, Valentin Hagg, Elisabeth Lanz

For fisherwoman Victoria Ludolf (Magdalena Kronschläger), it seems like a scene from a horror movie when a decaying boat drifts towards her in the middle of Lake Constance. On board is the tied up and already skeletonized body of 16-year-old Roman Steingass (Valentin Hagg), who disappeared without a trace 15 years ago. Roman was the main suspect and Oberländer the lead investigator at the time in the murder of teenage Anouk Bergdorf. Oberländer is now once again confronted by the traumatized families of Anouk and Roman. When fisherwoman Ludolf is also found murdered a day later with a piece of rope from the ghost ship in her hand, the case takes a dramatic turn, because now all those involved in the old murder case have become suspects.


Murder by the Lake – 23 „The Wishing Tree“ (WT) with a.o. Anna Werner Friedmann, Julian Looman, Kenda Hmeidan, Philip Birnstiel, Dominic Oley

Rebecca Jauer is discovered poisoned and hanged in the regionally famous "wishing tree". But why did the perpetrator display the body so demonstratively in this well-known place of all places? The clues lead to the tree nursery of Saskia Prixner (Miriam Stein), who had actually granted the dead Rebecca a wish: she had gotten her a job in the company of her brother Stefan Prixner (Julian Looman). That same evening, Saskia is found dead - murdered with the same poison as Rebecca. The detectives have to face a series of murders in the course of which Rebecca's ex-boyfriend Oliver Lorenz (Emanuel Fellmer) also becomes a victim. But where is the connection that leads to the perpetrator?

Commissioning Editors
Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Sabine Weber (ORF)

Patricia Frey
Michael Schneider

Jeanet Pfitzer
Frank Koopmann
Roland Heep

Matthias Koeberlin
Alina Fritsch
Hary Prinz
Stefan Pohl
Daniel Langbein
Victoria Hauer
Luka Dimic
Harald Schrott
Valentin Haag
Elisabeth Lanz
Anna Werner Friedmann
Julian Looman
Kenda Hmeidan
Philip Birnstiel

Broadcast Premiere ZDF

Broadcast Premiere ORF