Family Issues

© Erika Hauri

Murder by the Lake 2
Family Issues

During their new cross-border case, Austrian detective Hannah Zeiler (Nora von Waldstätten) and her German colleague Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin) are called to a crime scene at a forester’s cabin on Lake Constance. The walls in the cabin are smeared with blood.
The near dead forester is found lying on the floor with foam in his mouth and €100,000 in cash in an envelope. Nearby, a human arm is found. His Doberman is missing.
All these pose a horrible riddle for Hannah and Micha, who knew the forester´s family and now has to unwillingly plunge into his own past and the depth of their secrets.

Commissioning Editors
Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Sabine Weber (ORF)

Andreas Linke

Christoph Silber
Thorsten Wettcke

Matthias Koeberlin
Nora von Waldstätten
Maria Simon
Inez Bjørg David
Tatjana Alexander
Simon Hatzl
Hary Prinz

Broadcast Premiere ZDF

Broadcast Premiere ORF