Episodes 18-20 in Postproduction

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Murder by the Lake 18-20
Breathless, The Messiah & Mystery of the Mansion

Murder by the Lake 18

Three days after her disappearance, Daria Ballhofer’s lifeless body is found in Lake Constance - all signs point to murder. Daria's mother Marlene (Regula Grauwiller) and her sister Sina (Miriam Fussenegger) suspect Daria's husband Victor (Marc Benjamin) who shows more interest in setting a new record in free diving, than in grieving his dead wife. What was the real state of their marriage? Why was Daria suddenly possessed by the spirits of Lake Constance right before her death? 
To solve the case, Luisa Hoffmann (Alina Fritsch) and Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin) dive deep into the fascinating world of free diving, where absolute tranquility and acute danger to life lie close together.

Murder by the Lake 19
The Messiah

Jana Wenzel (Adina Vetter) finds her husband Christoph strangled. Missing from the murdered man's secret collection of instruments is a Stradivarius that has been lost for decades: the "Messias". A myth says that whoever plays this violin will die a violent death. Has the curse taken its toll here, or is the motive for the murder more mundane, because the dead man was a customer of a fence ring whose convicted leader Antonio Zübert (Luka Dimic) is free again and seeking revenge?
The undercover investigator into the ring back then was none other than Luisa Hoffmann (Alina Fritsch), who suddenly finds herself confronted with her past and now fears for her life. Hoffmann's private entanglements in the case put Oberländer's relationship of trust with her to a severe test.

Murder by the Lake 20
Mystery of the Mansion

The night after a reading of her husband’s latest novel, Emily Fetscher (Marie-Christine Friedrich) finds his body, bestselling author Sasha Fetscher (Florian Wagner), stabbed to death in his bed at Villa Berg. When the murder weapon is quickly found at Sasha Fetscher's mistress’ Henriette Trautschke’s home (Claudia Kottal), the case seems already solved for Oberländer and Hoffmann. 
But then forensic pathologist Thomas Egger (Stefan Pohl) makes a strange discovery during the autopsy of the body: the author was already dead when he was stabbed. A nerve poison was the cause of death and the knife was apparently only meant to frame his mistress. 
During their investigation, Oberländer and Hoffmann gain a deep insight into the history of the mysterious Villa Berg and into the secretive world of a bestselling author, in which there seem to be more suspects than clues.


Commissioning Editors
Daniel Blum (ZDF)
Sabine Weber (ORF)

Michael Schneider

Jeanet Pfitzer 
Frank Koopmann
Roland Heep

Matthias Koeberlin
Alina Fritsch
Hary Prinz
Stefan Pohl

Broadcast premiere on ZDF and ORF tba